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Focusing on the importance of nutrition: ‘Food as Medicine’ getting attention

The concept of food as medicine for people suffering from chronic diseases, facing food insecurity, and battling with dietary issues is gaining traction, which is why organisations such as Elior North America and Metz Culinary Services have a devised programmes to deliver a diet plan to individuals. The trend of Food as Medicine is becoming popular with the diet-centric approach that healthcare providers are now focusing on. The Chef2Home programme, sponsored by Metz Culinary Services, provides healthy food tailored according to the preferences of an individual. After Metz, Elior North America has also launched its nutrition-based programme over the concept of nutrition being one of the key features impacting a person’s physical and mental health. Apart from these two food programmes, various other innovative projects, such as ‘digital food pharmacy’, are also working to make food accessible to all.

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